Automatic Glass Bottle Syrup Filling Capping Line

Name:Automatic Glass Bottle Syrup Filling Capping Line
Automation:Fully automatic liquid filling capping line
Filling way:Piston Filling
Filling volume:90-200ml (can be customized)
Total power:2.5kw
Suitable bottle:Glass bottle
Suitable cap:Aluminum cap (ROPP cap)
Equipped with:Cap loader, bottle feeding machine, light inspection, bottle collector table(optional)
Machine type:2 in 1 rotary monoblock type filling machine

Product Description

Syrup Filling Capping Line

1.  Semi-automatic bottle unscrambler


Material; 304 stainless steel


2. Filling and Capping System  (Filling/capping 2-in-1 machine)


Filling & Capping 2 in 1 machine


Filling part


Capping part


RCGF series liquid filling machine integrates bottle filling and capping into one monoblock, and the two processes are carried out full automatically. It is used in the filling of liquid, paste.



1.With piston filling theory, filling speed is quick and precision is high; the filling level is adjustable.

2. Capping machine adopts France technology, the capping is by magnet torque; the cap catching adopts twice catching to ensure the veracity. The capping force is adjustable, constant torque capping will not damage caps and the cap is good sealed and reliable.

3. The whole machine is operated by touch screen, controlled by PLC and frequency convertor etc., with functions of no bottle no cap feeding, waiting when lack of bottles, stopping if bottle is blocked or no cap in cap guiding pipe.


Technical Parameter



Filling head


Capping head



Glass Bottle 125ml



Production capacity


Filling temperature

Less than 45

Filling way

Piston Filling


380 V 50Hz 3 Phases, 2.5KW


3.Cap Loader


Technical parameter

Cap loader conveys the caps to the cap unscrambler machine. It has the function of no bottle no cap loading, automatic control.

Capacity: 15000caps per hour

Framework material: stainless steel 304


4. Light inspection unit

Light inspection box is covered with stainless steel, with appropriate and comfortable light of national sanitary standard, which can inspect clearly the impurity, defaults and grains.


5. Bottle collector

The equipment acts as a bottle collector after filling, and the staff takes the bottles from the collector.


Technical parameter

1. Material: 304 stainless steel

2. Size: 2000mm (L) X 800mm (W)

There is a conveyor belt in the middle of the working platform. This conveyor belt is connected to the filling machine in front in a line. The width of the 800mm worktable is equal to the width of 400mm on both sides of the conveyor belt.

6. Product

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