Milk and beverage bags filling machine with asepsis and pasterization

Name:Milk and beverage bags filling machine with asepsis and pasterization
model:milk and beverage filling machine
capacity:125ml- 250ml /6000bag/h
capacity:300ml-500ml/ 4000bag/h
Accuracy of filling:250ml≤±1.5 250ml~500ml≤±1
The width of the film:240mm/320mm according to your requirement
The thickness of the film:≥0.08mm
Film roll maximum weight:20kg
Power: 380V 60hz 5.5kw
Compressed air(Access pressure):0.8Mpa
working pressure:0.6Mpa
Compressed air consumption:0.1m3/per minute
Feed valve size;Φ51mm
Machine dimension:2800mm1000mm2850mm

Product Description

TS-I automatic liquid filling Machine



This filling machineuses the photoelectric control, pneumatic control, food hygiene principles and many other fields of knowledge and achievements, is the real milk industry, milk, yogurt,  drinks the best filling equipment.this machine is suitable for pure milk, peanut milk, stirring yogurt, fruit juice, soy milk and other Self flowing liquid


1, the machine filling material viscosity up to 3000CP.

2, filling volume of 100 ~ 500ml to achieve stepless adjustment.

3, the quality of sealing is stable, the rate of broken bags is very low (less than two thousandths).

4, important components are used internationally renowned brands.

5, using optical tracking and  dual control system.

6, automatic counting.

7, automatically print the production date (double row, each row of 12 characters).

8, man-machine interface touch screen control work, cleaning, debugging and other functions.

9, the bag length can be stepless adjustment within the design range, in order to achieve the packaging capacity of different requirements.

10, the machine working with no bags film, the machine will be alarm.

11, the machine uses the side film, so that the bags flat, no wrinkles. Double frame membrane shaft device and film device this machine can working without stop.

12,The whole system of the machine to meets the requirements of the food hygiene level

13, Equipped with a 100 grade purification device ,Clean equipment standard.

14,liquid level control:we use electrode-type liquid level controller, the level of smooth, to ensure filling accuracy.

Technical parameter:



125ml- 250ml /6000bag/h

300ml-500ml/ 4000bag/h

Accuracy of filling



The width of the film

240mm/320mm according to your requirement

The thickness of the film


Film roll maximum weight



 380V 60hz 5.5kw

Compressed air(Access pressure)


working pressure


Compressed air consumption

0.1m3/per minute


Feed valve size


Machine dimension


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