Where is the complete labeling machine? In Higee Machinery

The labeling machine is the most common equipment in the packaging process of the entire production line. Almost all industries need to use labeling machines.

Common labeling machines can be divided into: self-adhesive sticker labeling machine, shrink sleeve labeling machine, cold glue labeling machine and hot melt glue labeling machine according to the type of label. Higee Machinery has almost 15 years experiences in labeling machines, can provide all types of labeling machine for standard size product or special size product.


I. Self-adhesive sticker labeling machine is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and daily use product industries.

Higee Machinery has the following main series of sticker labeling machines:

1.HAY & HDY series -- mainly used for round bottles/jars/cans/cups, can also customized for conical bottles/tubs, etc.

2.HAP series -- mainly used for flat surface (top or sided) labeling. Suitable for most flat products such as boxes, pouches, flat bottles, discs, cartons, caps, jar tops, etc. It can be customized for box corner labeling, top and bottom labeling, side labeling etc. Special labeling needs.

3.HAS series -- mainly used for front and back labeling needs. Suitable for round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, jerrycan, bucket, etc. We can add round bottle device (roller belt or three point rollers) to do also round bottle wrapped around labeling with one same machine. It can be customized for very big and heavy jerrycan labeling, glass bottle body and neck labeling, etc. Irregularly shaped labels are also applicable.

4.HAW series -- is for small round bottles, vials and tubes wrapped around labeling.

Higee Machinery has a variety of production speeds for your choice. In addition, we also have rich customization experiences, such as jar top and wrapped around labeling, wire folding labeling, tube bottoms labeling, large product labeling, etc.


II. Shrink sleeve labeling machine are mainly used in water and beverage production industry. Its advantages are large output and low label cost, which is suitable for big mass production. Its biggest advantage is that no matter what shape your bottle is, the sleeve labeling machine can meet the labeling requirements. Buy shrink labeling machines from Higee Machinery, you will get: a label cutting inserting machine with a shrinkage unit, the main shrinking methods have steam, electrical, hot air. Higee Machinery provide various production speed for your choice from 100BPM to 600BPM.


III. Cold glue labeling machine is mainly used for can and glass bottle labeling. It can do only round container labeling. It use paper label and paste to do one/two side or wrapped around labeling, which is widely used in production of kitchen seasonings, canned fruits, canned meat, canned fish and other similar products.


IV. Hot melt glue labeling machine, or say BOPP labeling machine are widely used in water and beverage or daily chemical production, it can do round or square container wrapped around labeling. This labeling machine is relatively expensive, but the output is usually larger, which is suitable for the high-speed production needs of large production lines.

Of course, if you have small production needs, Higee Machinery also has leaner type hot melt glue labeling for your choice.


If you are confused about what model should choose, please just send your product size and photo to us, we will make a best choice for you.

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