Evolution of Automatic Can Seamers in the Food Industry - Enhancing Efficiency and Quality


Automatic can seamers from Higee Machinery have undergone significant advancements over the years, becoming indispensable for the food industry. These machines play a crucial role in capping metal tin cans, tinplates, round tin cans, square cans, and rectangular cans, with production capacities ranging from 50 to 250 cans per minute. Their mechanical structure offers stability, ease of operation and maintenance, making them essential equipment for food can industries, particularly for medium-small sized enterprises.


The Versatility of Can Seamers:

With various sizes of mold heads, can seamers can cater to different cans and jars, ensuring safe and reliable sealing for a wide range of food and beverage products. Their adaptability has made them an ideal choice for the food industry, where precision and efficiency are paramount.


Quality and Reliability:

Food can seaming machines are crafted with superior corrosion-proof materials, ensuring long-term durability and stable operation. Equipped with advanced technology and components like Siemens PLC, Dellta inverter, touch screen, AirTEC solenoid valve, and Omron proximity switch, these machines deliver high production efficiency and consistent performance.


The Biaxial Structure Advantage:

One key feature of the food can seaming machine is its biaxial structure, which allows for independent adjustment and control of the feed amount for the first and second rollers. This ensures precise and customized capping, essential for maintaining product integrity and avoiding spills during packaging.


Automated Speed Variation System:

The automatic and self-regulating speed variation system enables seamless adaptation to production fluctuations. By dynamically adjusting the machine's speed based on the filling production line, it prevents container accumulation at the machine's entrance and facilitates continuous and regular production flow.


Case Study: Streamlining Canning Operations with Higee Machinery

One automated can seamers on the food industry, a medium-sized food canning company. Before adopting Higee Machinery's advanced can seamer. This company faced challenges with inconsistent sealing and productivity issues due to manual operations.


After implementing the automated can seaming solution, this company experienced a remarkable transformation in their production process. The precision and efficiency of the machine significantly reduced seal failures, ensuring every product reached consumers in optimal condition. Moreover, the self-regulating speed variation system allowed them to respond promptly to varying production demands, eliminating downtime and maximizing throughput.



The evolution of automatic can seamers has revolutionized the food industry's packaging operations. These machines have become indispensable for ensuring the quality, safety, and efficiency of food canning processes. With their versatile applications, superior technology, and automated features, can seamers offer a competitive edge to food manufacturers, regardless of their scale. As the demand for efficient and reliable packaging solutions continues to grow, Higee Machinery remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and supporting the food industry in delivering high-quality products to consumers worldwide.

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