Automated Liquid Laundry Detergent Filling Machine Line and Daily Chemical Product Bottling Equipment

Boosting Productivity and Precision

Automatic liquid laundry detergent filling machine line normally is a PLC-controlled filling equipment designed to streamline the production process. With its versatility, this liquid soap filling machine is primarily used for filling various daily chemical products, such as shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap, laundry detergent, hand wash, corrosive liquid, bleach liquid, toilet cleaner, acid, disinfectant, and so on.


The laundry detergent liquid filling machine offers strong applicability and a simple structure, allowing for convenient filling adjustments. Its filling speed can be easily adjusted to meet specific requirements. Utilizing a PLC control system and variable frequency speed regulation, this machine ensures a high degree of automation. Moreover, it features a user-friendly interface for effortless adjustment of filling volume. The machine operates with a "no bottle, no filling" and "no bottle, no capping" mechanism, ensuring efficient and precise operations. It is designed in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards to guarantee product quality and safety.

In addition to the liquid laundry detergent filling machine, HIGEE also provide a comprehensive range of daily chemical product bottling machines. Our filler equipment is suitable for handling viscous, non-sticky, and corrosive liquids. The complete production line includes a shampoo filling machine, capping machine, self-adhesive labeling machine (shrink sleeve labeling machine/hot melt glue labeling machine), inkjet printer/laser printer, film shrink wrap packing machine, carton packing machine, and palletizer and depalletizer machine. This versatile setup caters to the specific needs of small and medium-sized factories, offering flexibility and efficiency.


We are committed to delivering efficient and automated bottling solutions to the daily chemical industry, ensuring enhanced product quality and production efficiency. Our liquid detergent filling machine line is manufactured using advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure reliability and stability. Our team of professionals specializes in providing customized solutions to meet diverse product and production environment requirements.


Throughout the filling process, we prioritize accurate control of filling volume to ensure consistency and quality in each bottle. Furthermore, our equipment is equipped with intelligent detection and troubleshooting capabilities, enabling timely identification and resolution of potential issues, thereby improving production efficiency and equipment utilization.


Apart from efficient filling equipment, we offer comprehensive after-sales services. Our technical support team is available to provide training, maintenance, and technical assistance, ensuring the smooth operation and long-lasting performance of the equipment.


Whether you are a startup or an established company with a strong market presence, our solutions cater to your specific needs. By choosing our automated liquid laundry detergent filling machine line and daily chemical product bottling equipment, you will experience heightened production efficiency and elevate your product competitiveness.


We provide a comprehensive range of filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, and packing machines, forming complete packing lines. These solutions find wide applications in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical, cosmetics and toiletry industries. Our liquid filling machines are designed to handle both viscous and non-viscous liquids, including foamy and corrosive substances. Additionally, we also offer paste, powder, and granule packing machines. Our equipment caters to both small bottles fillers, as well as large bulk fillers.


If you want to boost your productivity and precision, or if you have demands for new production line, welcome to contact HIGEE Machinery for the best solution for you. 

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