Do You Know How The Luncheon Meat Canned Filling Machine Line Works?

Before automatic luncheon meat can filling and seaming machine line, customers also need the pre-processing equipment and package machines, I will show canned food meatloaf processing machine line to everyone. The following link is about Canned luncheon meat production line.



 Luncheon meat canned filling machine


Raw meat Thaw Ground meat Stirring and pickling Chopping (compound glue is added in this step) vacuum stirring machine empty can cleaning machinefilling machineseaming machinefinished can cleaning machineHigh temperature sterilization Cooling palletizer with filled can storage at room temperature depalletizer with filled can labeling machine ink jet printercarton packing machine


Higee factory was found in 1993, is a professional manufacturer for luncheon meat canned filling, and seaming machine, such as pork meat canned, meatloaf canned, corned beef canned and mutton meat canned or other meat can etc, We have an experienced research and development engineer team and strong sales team.
Let me explain the luncheon meat filling machine case with more details:
1. Usually for luncheon meat food can filling production line, customers have 2 types of rectangular cans volume from 198gram to 340grams, some customers also use round metal tin can volume 340gr etc. If customers have different cans sizes, we can replace these can parts then one canned luncheon meat filling machine is suitable for all the cans.
2.For canned meat filling machine, the material of meat is very sticky, but it also has fluidity, just the flow of material is very small. first put the material of bucket on the auto elevator, then the bucket is upgoing and reach to the same height of the hopper of the filler, after that put the material into the hopper of the filler ( normally the filler hopper is bout 200 liters)
3.When the materials enter the hopper of the filler, the screw mixer in the hopper is stirring to let the materials go down to the filling valve, the filling valve pushed the material into the piston pump, and the filling valve turns to the other direction and reach to the filling head for filling.
4.This is fully automatically quantitative filling machine for spam canned meat, quantitative means luncheon meat weight, for example: If your pork meat canned is 340gram, then we can adjust the weight to 340gram, if there is a little different weight, we can adjust it by wheel, just make that the filled volume is 340gram. We can take a small scale to weigh of this can to make sure that each can is filled by 340gram.
5.The filling head starts from the bottom of the can, the cam will lift the can holder, the filling head will reach the bottom of the can before filling. when the filling head is filling, the luncheon meat is cut through a knife inside the filling head, the luncheon meat is compact and complete in shape, after sterilization, we can open the can to ensure that the surface of the luncheon meat is smooth and the appearance effect is good.
6.These parts must be cleaned after filling every time such as screw mixer of the hopper, filling valve, filling head etc. Our filler is included with quick-release device, which only takes about half an hour from disassembly to finishing cleaning.

If you need more details of automatic luncheon meat filling seaming machine line such as meatloaf canned, corned beef canned,corned mutton canned, pork meat,minced beef, minced meat,minced pork,minced chicken and other meat etc. Welcome to contact Higee machinery.


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