3 In 1 Filling Machine Features

3 In 1 Filling Machine Features


The 3-in-1 filling machine is a high-speed/medium-speed filling production machine that realizes filling, capping and capping at one time. Its production line has the following obvious characteristics:


1. The entire filling and capping production line has a compact structure, occupies a small space in the production workshop, reduces labor, and effectively regulates the production layout;


2. Delicate and beautiful appearance, convenient adjustment, strong applicability, stable mechanical transmission packaging equipment and lowest failure rate;


3. Automatic and uninterrupted production mode, effectively improve production efficiency, standardize production layout, and improve production level;


4. Adopt lead screw and digital display to make the filling volume adjustment more accurate and intuitive;


5. The anti-drip filling head that can effectively prevent dripping and wire drawing is adopted, with fast filling speed, stable liquid level control, and no dripping phenomenon;


6. The magnetic torque capping head is used to realize the functions of grasping and capping. The capping torque is steplessly adjustable, with a constant torque capping function, which does not damage the cap, and the sealing is tight and reliable;


7. The PLC computer program control of the whole machine and the touch screen of the man-machine interface have the functions of material capacity control of the material tank, no filling without a bottle, and no rotation without a cap;


8. Free filling mode selection, multiple filling heads can be filled separately, or can be filled in steps, and can also complete the sequential filling of a variety of different materials.

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