Best healthy walnut milk canned filling and seaming machine

Best healthy walnut milk canned filling and seaming machine


Tin can walnut milk drink is mainly made of walnut, hawthorn and almond. The main process is boiling. It has a variety of effects, and can be used as a lung care recipe, a constipation recipe, a cough and asthma recipe, and a expectorant recipe.

We also found that many kinds of nuts provide an enormous amount of health benefits.


+ Best natural flavor

+ Rich protein

+ Good health, good taste

+ Convenient to carry and easy use




This is automatic walnut milk canned filling machine seaming machine 2 in 1 machine, the filling adopts normal pressure filling method. the filling temperature is suitable for high temperature filling 85 degrees, ensure the beauty and hygiene requirements of the whole machine. In order to improve the vacuum in the tank, a steam jet device can be configured according to customer requirements.


The whole line of Food can walnut milk filling seaming machine included empty tin can depalletizer, washing machine, beverage filling and seaming machine, palletizer with filled walnut milk cans, depalletizer with filled almond milk cans, tin can dryer, laser printer, carton packing machine etc.  


This walnut milk canned filling machine is also widely used nut milk canned, almond milk canned, tin can macadamia nut milk, soy milk canned, protein drinks canned, fruit milk canned such as banana milk, pineapple milk, corn milk, coconut milk, orange milk drink etc.

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