What is the vibrating plate that is often quoted in the filling line? Whats the function?

What is the vibrating plate that is often quoted in the filling line? What's the function?


Vibrating plate is an auxiliary feeding equipment for automatic assembly or automatic processing machinery, also known as automatic vibrating feeder. It can arrange various small products in an orderly manner and adjust the posture of the products to achieve continuous feeding. Realize the assembly of the product.

In filling lines, vibrating plate are often used for automatic feeding of different types of caps: ordinary caps, dropper, brush (for nail polish), inner plug, etc.


The vibrating plate is mainly composed of a vibrating plate, a feeding mechanism, a distributing mechanism, a chassis and other components. The vibrating plate has the characteristics of improving efficiency, saving labor, automatic quality inspection, and reducing errors.


* Higee Filling lines (test tube filling machine - left, essential oil filling plugging capping machine - right)

So what is the function of the vibrating plate?


The main purpose of the vibrating plate is the automatic sorting of materials. The vibrating plate has the functions of automatically sorting the materials to achieve the next step, such as automatic reclaiming and automatic feeding.


Product screening. In addition to the automatic sorting of materials, the vibrating plate can also screen simple materials. For example, materials with different specifications can be screened out, but the more complex ones cannot be screened out by the vibrating plate.


Automatic feeding. This is the main function of the automatic plate, which places the materials in the designated position according to a certain rule, so the vibration plate is also called the automatic feeding vibration plate, which is also often used in automation products.

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