What role does the color mark play in the operation of the packaging machine?

What role does the color mark play in the operation of the packaging machine?


Color mark is a common element on film roll packaging, but you might not notice it if you don't know it. On our bagged and tetra products, we often see a small black (or other color) color block, which is the color mark. What is the this for?

*color mark (could be one side or two sides)

First of all, your machine needs to have a color mark detection position, and the color mark needs to be printed on the roll film. Some machines do not have the function of color mark detection, such as the most economical sachet water packaging machine from Higee Machinery. For equipment without color mark detection function, there is no need to make the color mark on the roll film.


*Higee water sachet filling and sealing machine

What role does the color mark play in the packaging process?


1, Ensure that the preset bag length is consistent with the actual bag length


The length of the bag can be preset on the touch screen, but due to possible errors between machine parts, when the color mark detection function is not turned on, the actual length of the bag may be different from the preset length (excluding reasonable errors), if the color mark detection is turned on, the machine can detect the color mark to determine whether the length of the actual cut bag is in line with the preset length. If the difference exceeds the allowable error range, the machine will alarm.


2, Achieve bag pattern integrity


Make each bag have a complete pattern by adjusting the color mark positioning (equivalent to adjusting the distance between the color mark and the horizontal sealing line). The location of the color mark is not necessarily the location of the sealing line. Because the value of the two actions of the machine detecting color mark and sealing can be adjusted on the touch screen, the color mark is actually just a reference point, regardless of whether it is on the sealing line or not.

The position of the color mark can be exactly at the position of the bag sealing, or it can be offset from the sealing position.



The color mark is often black, and sometimes it may be other colors for the overall aesthetics of the design. But no matter which color, the color of the mark and the color of the area near the mark should have a certain degree of contrast.


It should be noted that for different color mark, the selection of signal lines for detecting sensor may be different. That's why we need to get your samples as much as possible (or at least photos) when we produce your machines.

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