How the cold glue labeling machine is shipped to our customer?

How the cold glue labeling machine is shipped to our customer?

The shipping cost depends on the way you choose to get the goods. Air transport is normally the most quickest but also most expensive way. By sea freight is the best solution for big amounts. We talk with forwarder and let them know the each package size of canned wet glue labeling machine, gross weight details then we can get exact sea freight cost.


For example: we are arranging to shipping for automatic canned meatloaf cold glue labeling machine to our Philippine customer, this is food tin can meatloaf paste labeling machine, the production capacity is 400canned per minute.we already customized according to our customer metal tin can and labels samples. the tinplate food meat wet glue labeling machine are ready, we talk with our forwarder and let them know the wooden cases size of canned cold glue label machine and gross weights, then we can ship this canned lunch meat labeling machine to Philippine customer. Please see the picture of automatic canned minced meat cold glue labeling machine as below. 

If you need any automatic luncheon meat canned cold glue/wet glue labeling machine or paste labeling machine, please contact Higee Machinery. We will provide solution for small tin can luncheon meat labeling machine to you.

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