FAQs for Labeling Machine - Part 1 Pre-sales questions

What Should You Know Before Buying a Sticker Labeling Machine?

When the labeling machine is equipped with a production line, what problems should be paid attention to?

*Label winding direction

*Material running and labeling direction

*Production line output and line speed

*Conveying direction and operating orientation

*Conveying surface height

*Are there any special requirements for the connection method and interface with other machines in the production line?

* Is there enough space in the production line reserved for the labelling machine


When do labeling machine need to print on labels? How many printing methods are there?

The stickers generally have "batch number, production date, expiration date", etc., and these contents need to be printed on the label. What are the methods? Generally, there are hot stamping ribbon printers, or the inkjet printer and the inkjet printer are connected to the labeling machine for instant printing, and another method is to use thermal transfer printing. Coding, coding and thermal transfer printing can print some constant information (such as serial number) according to the arrangement. The hot stamping ribbon printing can only change the printing information by replacing the copper alloy characters on the print head.


Why do users need to provide samples (objects, labels) according to technical requirements when they buy a labeling machine?

Because of the reasons of anti-counterfeiting or special features of various manufacturers, the shapes of the objects to be attached are ever-changing. The material distribution, labeling, labelling/palmating actions performed on the labeling machine are closely related to the shape of the objects to be attached. Design according to the dimensions of length, width and height (diameter, height), or use samples of similar specifications to simulate the test machine, which always cannot reflect the real state of customer samples on the labeling machine, and hidden problems often have to wait until acceptance. It turned out that it was not good for both parties. Therefore, customers are generally required to provide samples. If they cannot be provided, it should be stated in advance that the operating state of our samples will be used as the acceptance state during acceptance.

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