Label Sleeving Machine HTB-200P with Steam or Electric Shrinking Tunnel

Name:Label Sleeving Machine HTB-200P with Steam or Electric Shrinking Tunnel
Input Power::2.0KW
Input Voltage::3Φ380V/220VAC
Speed:100 bs/min
Size of host machine:2000(L) X 900(W) X 2000(H)
Applicable Diameter of Bottle Body:Φ28mm-Φ125mm
Applicable Length of Label:30mm-250mm
Applicable Thickness of label:0.03mm-0.13mm
Applicable Internal Diameter of Paper Tube:5”-10”(Free adjustment)

Product Description

Sleeve labeling machine STB-200P

Sleeve labeling machine STB-200P


   The products-STB Auto-Labeling Machine have achieved wide recognition among our clientswith its 

   novel appearance, solid body, stable performance and reasonable price. 

  Product Feature:

 ●  The machine is humanized design, simple maintenance.

 ●  The machine mainframe is stainless steel, simple & safe maintenance, waterproof & rustproof.

 ●  Cutting label does not adjust the sensor position,any label length can correct by HMI.

 ●  New type cutting design, cutting is flag without chip,beautiful shrink results.

 ●  Modular design, guarantee to change all the size within ten minutes, and no using of auxiliary tools.

 ●  Spare part adopts famous brand, long life span,easy to repair and maintain, save time.

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