5L Jerry Can Juice Filling Capping Line

Name:5L Jerry Can Juice Filling Capping Line
Automation:Fully automatic liquid/paste filling capping line
Suitable product:juice, jam, paste, honey, drink, liquor, with or withour granules
Filling volume:5L (can be customized for other filling quantity)
Capacity:5-20 bottles/min
Suitable bottle:round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, can, jar, jerrycan, etc.
Suitable cap:plastic ROPP cap, screw type cap

Product Description

5L Jerrycan Juice Filling Capping Machine Line

This is our viscous material filling capping machine, this machine is suitable for peanut paste,chocolate cream, jam, honey, glue,cosmetics etc. can connect automatic bottle feeding machine and labeling machine or individual use, it's widely used in the pharmaceutical , chemical and food industries.

This automatic linear filling machine is designed for juice filling in 5L jerrycan, the juice is with granules in it.


- 4 filling nozzles: Filling quantity can be set in touch screen.

- With slide device: the users can adjust the position of filling nozzles freely to fit in different bottle sizes.

- The cylinder is designed and arranged inside the machine, making the machine simple and beautiful.

- With upper hopper: client can choose to add stirring function and/or heating function, suitable for thick liquid or liquid with granules.

- Hopper can be connected with storage tank.

- With automatic liquid level control function, can detect low liquid level and feed the liquid automatically, which saves manpower.

- With waste water flow out interface, which is convenient to discharge the waste water after cleaning.

This automatic capping machine is suitable for jerrycan capping with screw type ROPP cap. The machine is equipped with an automatic cap feeding machine - cap elevator. Can achieve fully automatic cap arranging, feeding and capping.

Final product:


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