Essential oil filling capping machine CBD oil bottling line 30-60 bottles per minute

Name:Essential oil filling capping machine CBD oil bottling line 30-60 bottles per minute
Production capacity:50-60 bpm
Filling head:4
Filling range:15&50ml
Plugging heads:2
Capping heads:2
Machine function:turning table, filling, plugging, capping and collecting
Filling accuracy:±1

Product Description


This machine is applied for 15ml, 50ml round plastic bottle essential oil or CBD oil, Perfume liquid filling etc. in plastic or glass bottles. There is high accuracy cam mechanism to provide Graduated dial to locate the cap onaccelerating cam transmission capping head lifting; constant torsion capping, mechanical pump dosing and filling; touch screen control, no bottle no filling, no inside and outside cap, with advantage of stable transmission, accurate location, accurate dosing, convenient operation etc. 


1. The equipment adopts four-row double-row piston pump to fill, and then is sent into the positioning dial by the conveyor belt, and the lid is rotated intermittently to enter the lid station to automatically cover the lid; the double-headed lid is used for sealing and the lid is four blades. Double-knife rolls down the edge with double-screw thread.

2. This filling system is widely suitable for small bottle filling and capping, made in SUS304 stainless steel and SUS316 anti-corrosion stainless steel for the part in contact with material, which is complied with GMP standard.  


 Production capacity  

50-60 bpm 


Filling head


4 heads


Filling range


Filling accuracy




Plugging heads


Capping heads


Capping rate


≥98%(adjusted according to the cap feature)


Filling type


servo driving piston filling


Power supply


Single phase 220V 50Hz  


Power consumption




2500mm x 1300mm x 1800mm

The whole machine line

Filling heads
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