Automatic round tin can glue labeling machine for 50 bottles per hour

Name:Automatic round tin can glue labeling machine for 50 bottles per hour
Production capacity:40-200pcs/min
Height of Can:60-200mm
Diameter of  Can:60-156mm
Height of Label:60-200mm
Length of Label:180-510mm
Machine Size:(L)2396(W)750(H)1250mm
Machine Weight:750Kg

Product Description

TIN CAN GLUE Labeling machine


The automatic tin can labeling machine is suitable for all kinds of cylindrical containers. such as round can. Glue is coated on the starting and ending side of label.

Labeling process

After the can is driven by the belt and rolled into the labeling machine, the side of the can is first coated with a hot melt glue. As the can rolls forward, the hot melt glue on the can is pressed on the label to bring the label up, and the label is taken up. At the same time, the end of the label is coated with a cold glue, and as the can continues to roll, the label is rolled over the can.


1. Main body is made by SUS304 stainless steel & high grade aluminum alloy.

2. With hydraulic lifting, the operation is convenient and reliable.

3. Cold glue is supplied by air pressure. The tank is supplied with glue, and the glue is not supplied to the tank.

4. The machine has an alternate bidding mechanism, and there is no need to stop the machine when the standard is added.

5. The machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which can be adjusted at any time according to production requirements.

6. The machine has a simple replacement tank type and fewer replacement parts.

7. The squeegee is improved so that the squeegee can be tilted with the label and even when the label is not dry.

8. The heating plate bracket is changed to two pieces of clamping type, resulting in better effect and less damage.

Technical Parameters


 Tin Can Glue Labeling Machine

Labeling Speed

40-70pcs/min(Can A10:154x178mm)

100-200pcs/min(Can 20oz:81x107mm)

100-200pcs/min(Can 15oz:76x106mm)

Height of Can


Diameter of  Can


Height of Label


Length of Label


Labeling Rate


Accuracy of Labeling


Power Supply

Single-phase 220V  50HZ  1KW 

Type of Glue

Hot glue and wet glue

Air Consumption

 2-4kg/m2  0.5L/min

Machine Size


 Machine Weight


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