XBL-4535+ XBS-4525 fully automatic L-type Sealing, Cutting and Shrinking

Name:XBL-4535+ XBS-4525 fully automatic L-type Sealing, Cutting and Shrinking
Packing Speed:1-15pcs/minute
Packing Size:L(100-450)×W(60-350)×H(5-120)mm
Air consumption:5.5kg/cm2
Max. current:10A
Sealing knife size:L+H≤450/W+H≤350mm
Net Weight:250kg
Power consumption:2kw
Machine Size:L1790×W850×H1525mm

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    This shrinking line is reliable and efficient in packing line for foodstuff, software, medical, 

     drinking, tobacco, daily chemical, automobile, cables, cosmetics, electricity etc. Industrial.


  ● Packing Speed1-15pcs/minute

  ● Packing SizeL(100-450)×W(60-350)×H(5-120)mm

  ● Air consumption5.5kg/cm2

  ● Max. current10A

  ● Sealing knife sizeL+H≤450/W+H≤350mm

  ● Net Weight250kg

  ● Power consumption2kw

  ● Power220V350-60Hz



  ● Packing sizeL700×W400×H200mm

  ● Tunnel sizeL1000×W450×H250mm

  ● Packing speed20-40pcs/minute

  ● Net weight185kg

  ● Power consumption10kw

  ● Power380V3∮、50-60Hz

  ● Air consumption5.5kg/cm2

  ● Max. current30A

  ● Machine sizeL1300×W715×H1455mm 

   Technical features

  ● international high-technic and imported parts

       The factory has over ten years experience in developing of packing machine in high 

         technique. Use imported parts, electric elements and pneumatic elements.

  ● fully automatic L shape cutting and sealing

    XBL-4535 is fully automatic cutting and sealing machine. Widely used in packing 

    production line. Automatically film feeding and hole punching, automatic film cover, 

    cutting and sealing. Only need manually adjustment for the film guiding system and 

    feeding system. It’s suitable for variety width and height product.

  ● perfect combination and high efficient cutting and sealing

   ① equipped with imported detecting photoelectric device, one set each for vertical 

        and horizontal side, suitable for switching. For thin and small product, its very easy 

        to do sealing and packing.  

   ② automatic feeding. With induction motor, collect and roll the waste material 


   ③ When the product side is changed, the adjustment is very simple,not need to 

        change mould or bag maker.

   ④ different size product also can be shrink together.

   ⑤ sealing, cutting and shrinking packing to be continuously finished. Good performance 

        and can greatly reduce labor.

   ⑥ good cost performance, economic and durable. Suitable use POF, PVC etc. Shrinking 


  ● safety and low malfunction

   ① Accuracy and durable element, good structure design. No vibration during running. 

        Stable operation.

   ② Use anti-sticky, thermostability Aluminum Alloy sealing knife coated with American 

        dupont teflon material.

   ③ Sealing and cutting knife is with automatic protection function to avoid packing by 


   ④ Thousands of parts aging testing to make sure all function stable and in low malfunction, 

        to make sure safety production.

    Sealing and cutting parts equipped with organic glass protection cover, with automatic 

        alarm function.

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