15ml 0.5 oz bottles liquid filling and capping machine line with 30 bottles per hour capacity

Name:15ml 0.5 oz bottles liquid filling and capping machine line with 30 bottles per hour capacity
Production capacity:30 bottles per minute
Power supply:220V 50Hz Single phase - can be customized
Total weight:650kg
Materail of machines:SS304
Production process 1:bottle feeder
Production process 2:nail polish filling machine
Production process 3:ball feeder
Production process 4:brush feeder
Production process 5:caps capping machine
Fiilling liquid:nail polish
Bottle mould:square mould and robot arm collecting
Machine dimension;L2000xW1600xH1600mm

Product Description

Cosmetics liquid nial polish filler 


Automatic completed functions for nail polish bottles feeding bottle, feeding bead or ball, nail polish oil filling, feeding brushes, feeding caps, tighten caps, 20-30BPM. Filling, capping machine line.

Filling and capping process

The production flow is as follows: the user collate the empty bottle on the turntable, then bottle will be put into the mould automatically, next step the mold be push into the next position by the cylinder controlled by PLC, the nail polish is delivered to the head of the pump by the sealed pressurized storage tank, and the material is poured into the bottle through the filling nozzle. After filling station, the bead is put into the bottle. Then the brush is delivered by the vibrating machine and be put into the bottle by the brush mechanism. The next workstation, vibration machine delivers the cap and cap be placed on the bottle mouth. After the cap is tighten by the capping head,bottle will be clipped out of the mold and be put on the conveyor belt where connect to the labeling machine.

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