High quality, Great service.

Keep eyes on the stars and feet on the ground.

HIGEE” Brand Story


1.    Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.

Ms. Lotus Peng, GM of Higee Industrial Co., Ltd, graduated from University in 1994, with science & engineering major background and good English language base, entered into Shipbuilding industry at the shipbuilding peak time. She engaged in the link between European shipowners, supervisors, designers and shipyard engineers. With excellent understanding and communication skills, create a very good career promotion in Shipyard and also be more familiar with steel construction and different kind of machinery.


In 2003 her family moved to Shanghai with the promotion of her husband. With the help of second major of business administration in University and International trading learning after school, she started new career in Shanghai for import and export, then was invited to join in Norwegian company as export and customer service manager. She has very rich international trading experience and was capable to handle all kinds of import and export business.


In 2005, Ms. Lotus considered to create her own business in Machinery industry. She started a labeling machine factory.


“HIGEE” brand coming from 2010, with so many years’ working experience in foreign markets, she knew well what clients need and what should be persisted in, “High quality, Great service. Keep eyes on the stars and feet on the ground.” This is what “HIGEE” Coming from.

2.    Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

Ms. Lotus decided to expand business range and provide one-stop purchasing site for clients before labeling machine. She invested and shared several factories who already have many years experience and technical research capability to provide filling and packing solution for different kind of products. Now these factories specialize to provide customized machine manufacturing in filling, packing and labeling for liquids, granules, powders, solid goods etc. according to different requirements. She also considered many clients need cartons to put these products at the final stage, so the carton making machine also be manufactured in one of our factories.


3.    Be true to your work, your words and your customers.

Ms. Lotus keens on quality, on-time delivery and good after sales to maintain good customer relationship and share good reputation in the global market. This is what she always emphasizes all the staffs to remember: Be true to your work, your words and your customers.


4.    Keep eyes on the stars, and feet on the ground.

If you do not think about future, you can not have one. HIGEE with the leading of Ms. Lotus, now is the member of Shanghai E-commerce Association, guided by her extensive engineering background and excellent international trading and communication experience, HIGEE has very good understanding of client’s needs and surely will provide great professional jobs. HIGEE intends to be the leader in this line of business in providing one stop service for packing industry. Their philosophy is “Keep eyes on the stars, and feet on the ground.”


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