The technical comparison between our 3 in1 rinsing filling capping machine with other suppliers mmachines

                             The comparison between different filling machines

1. The thickness of frame

Higee's machine

The thickness of frame is 40mm

The table surface high-precision plane machining (gantry milling machine), using machining center processing table face to ensure the position accuracy of each hole of the table; processing ZTE pre-positions the hole position to ensure The flatness of the countertop is guaranteed to be at least 35mm after processing. The whole machine is sprayed with anti-rust paint. After the natural drying, the frame is painted again.

Other supplier's machine


The surface of the table is machined and the local precision is processed around the hole. The machine is light and thin, easy to be damaged during transportation, and the running smoothness is low. Direct painting, no anti-rust paint, the frame is bumped and lacquered, easy to rust, resulting in poor running of the spindle, the machine is not running smoothly, shaking.

2. Main configuration

Higee's machine

WEG( Three years’ warranty)

Main motor WEG or SEW, global warranty; PLC, frequency converter Siemens / Japan Mitsubishi; pneumatic components Taiwan Ya Deke;

Photoelectric American Bonner; low-voltage electrical (contactor, intermediate relay) Schneider, France. The above international electric appliance brand, imported, high efficiency and long life. There is no quality problem in the case of Changtong, and the quality is very good.

Other supplier's machine

The main motor is generally made of domestic motor, and the electrical components are used by Delixi or Yadeke, Mitsubishi, Omron, and the service life is short. It is difficult to buy spare parts locally, and the quality is not guaranteed

3. Main processing of componient

Higee's machine

CNC machine tool machine

High-precision, high-efficiency automated machine tool with stable and reliable machining quality, ensuring accurate spindle accuracy, extending bearing life and improving overall machine performance.

Other supplier's machine

Ordinary lathe processing parts

Cause large errors in the verticality of each spindle, uneven gear meshing, less contact points on the tooth surface, reducing the life of the gear, and at the same time causing uneven bearing force, wearing the raceway and reducing bearing life.

The steel plate of 3 in 1 ringing,filling and capping machine

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