Labeling machine shipped to Turkey

Labeling machine shipped to Turkey

On Oct 29th, our Model HJY200 wet glue labeling machines were packed by smoked-free wooden case to our old dealer. Then shipped to Turkey.

The label sticker machine is for 500ml-1000ml iron can. Production capacity is about 80 cans per hour.

Packing size( L*W*H): 2.9x1.3x1.1meter

Net weight: 550kg

Gross weight: 650kg

Why are our wet glue labeling machine famous in all over the world?

1.      The structure of machines is designed based on client’s bottle. They can fit iron, Aluminum and glass bottles or cans.

2.      Glue reservoir is designed in high-precision, the rollers takes glue without dripping. Labels can be pasted solidly and flatly with low error rate.

3.      Touch screen with PLC is easy to adjust the labeling speed and conveyor speed.

Remark: about the wet glue, we recommend the composite glue.

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