How to choose the suitable filling system for nail polish

 Liquid nail polish filling parts 

If you have the money and the market you can build a cosmetics liquid,cream or powder anywhere. Phone up HIGEE order the plant, build it and the find good people to run it. But a “liquid filling parts”,  what can we do more specific?

1. Liquid as water, the fluidity and viscosity is 0.8949X10^-3 Pas as the temperature 25℃. We use gravidity filling and mechanical pump. 

2. For nail polish, the liquid is thicker. It is including Tosy-lamide/ Formaldehyde Resin. The peristaltic pump filling is

better. The advantage is as below.

2.1 No pollution

2.2 The operation is simple, less maintenance is required only need to replace the peristaltic pump hose, no valves and seals.

2.3 It can use a variety of materials

2.4 High operating efficiency

2.5 Clean and pollution-free

2.6 High precision, adjustable flow, high performance stability

2.7 It is an ideal tool for conveying shear sensitive and aggressive fluids.

2.8 It can transport a variety of fluids including corrosive liquids

2.9 Run for a long time

2.10 Can self-prime, no need to empty

2.11 The sealing is very good

2.12 The maximum working temperature is 100 degrees Celsius

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