Super September for Purchasing Source Festival

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"Super September" Sep.4th 00:00:00(PST) to Sep. 30th 23:59:59(PDT).                   
1. 5% Discount from our machine
2. Shipping 50% discount: China and the United States sea LCL or door-to-door, the details are as below

We Higee Machinery are not only packaging line manufacturer in providing high quality filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, and packing machine, but also the professional solution provider to select the most suitable equipment according to client’s various requirements.
Hot product: 3 in 1 liquid bottle rinsing,filling and capping machine line(Pure liquid,beverage liquid, beer /carbonated drinking)

Linear filling line for high viscous liquid such as shampoo, wash liquid and oil

If you have any requirements, pls contact us freely.

Better deals, just in time

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Better deals, just in time
Thinking about trying a new product or shipping partner? With deals like low minimum order quantities and 50% off shipping, now’s your opportunity.
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