Teach you how to solve the problem of carton packing

Packing machine, refers to the sealing machinecarton packing machine, palletizing machine and other packaging machinery.According to professional analysis, carton packaging machine industry in the future development of China's sustained and rapid economic development will be another growth point.

Although the carton packaging machine industry development prospects are bright, but we also have to seriously sum up the history of its development and is now the state of development.The development of carton packaging machine more or less there are some development issues,such as: technology is still relatively weak, there is no formation of industrial scale, lack of innovation, lack of R & D funding; there is a carton packaging machine processing technology is simple, equipment precision is not high, lack of R & D personnel, many companies only advanced equipment imitation , Can not withstand a strong market changes.But for a wide range of carton packaging specifications to a greater extent to meet the different specifications of the packaging is also relatively simple operation, the use of PLC + man-machine interface display control, high performance, speed, stand-alone work can also be applied to production line operations.

First of all, we should focus on the development of the market, continue to deepen the reform, vigorously readjust the industrial structure, so that the formation of a better industrial scale.Second, to speed up technological innovation, the introduction of foreign advanced technology to absorb over, applied to their own production.Application of new technologies to improve the function of the carton packaging machine line. Again, is to continue to do a good job of product quality, improve quality management, fight quality turnaround.Finally, the functional departments of the carton packaging machine business to a certain degree of support, especially in terms of funding.

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