filling machime

Name:filling machime
Power Supply:220v 1kw
Air supply:0.4-0.6mpa 300l/min
Applicable Viscosity:±3000cp
Filling Error:±0.5

Product Description



   This equipment suitable for filling small doses to large packaging liquid and design. Using high-precision 

   metering pumps and use of feed amount PLC and touch screen control of metering pump, so as to 

   achieve accurate filling. Especially for larger span of load, or the production of large liquid packaging.

  Key Features

 ●  Suitable for fluid and filling low viscosity liquids

 ●  Equipped with anti-drip filling head, filling does not drip drawing

 ●  Each filling head fitted with separate metering pumps filling, filling machine 4 sets of metering pumps

 ●  Equipped with automatic control fluid hopper with polycarbonate (PC) security guard

 ●  Fluid contact materials are metal 316L stainless steel, 304 stainless steel frame

 ●  Electric metering pump plunger metering pumps more

  Main Configuration

 ●  Equipment material: Fluid 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel rack

 ●  Pneumatic Components: Taiwan Airtac

 ●  Electronic Control System: Japan's Mitsubishi PLC and color touch screen

 ●  Sensor System: Japan's Keyence photoelectric

 ●  Other electrical components: France Schneider, Japanese Omron, Germany's Siemens

 ●  Seals: Taiwan Hansheng food grade seals

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