HG-Semi-automatic Plane Labeling Machine (HBP50)

Name:HG-Semi-automatic Plane Labeling Machine (HBP50)
Size of Machine:440(L)×250(W)×600(H)mm
Labeling Speed:20-50pcs/min
Height of Object:30-180mm
Thickness of Object:20-180mm
Height of Label:15-100mm
Length of Label:25-100mm
Accuracy of Labeling:±0.5mm
Label Roller Inside Diameter:76mm
Label Roller outside Diameter:300mm
Power Supply:220V 0.2KW 50/60HZ
Weight of Labeling Machine:25Kg

Product Description


  The machine is made by 3mm SUS304 stainless steel and high quality  aluminum alloy.

  Imported step motor or servo motor is used for the labeling head to assure labeling speed and accuracy.

  The photo electricity and control system apply advanced component from Germany or Japan or Taiwan.

  Use PLC man-machine interface control system, which is easy to operate.

  It can work separately.

  Client can choose to add printer or high speed hot printer(need to be customized).


You can choose to add:

 Paging Machine       Normal paging machine is suitable for products, whose thickness less than 5mm, width less than  300mm.If your products are thicker and wider, you should change to paging machine with absorption.
 Coding Machine

 Our coding machine is driven by electricity and do not need air pressure,it can print at most three lines  and every line at most est. 12 letters.

 As it is added at the end of the labeling machine, it can be adjusted left and right and forward and  backward.

 The ribbon size is standard, you can replace in your country later.

 The standard letters for the coding machine is numbers from 0 to 9, and some english letters, such as  Date, Batch, Exp.etc.

 Transparent label monitor or          Universal label monitor

 If your labels are all non-transparent type, normal label monitor is ok;

 If your labels are all transparent type, change to transparent label monitor is suitable;

 If you have both transparent and non-transparent labels, a universal label monitor is suitable.

flat surface labeling machine, plane labeling machine


 flat surface labeling machine, plane labeling machine


Round bottle labeling machine, labeling machine for round bottle

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