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Fully Automatic IVD Reagent Filling Machine Test Tube Filling Capping Machine

Name:Fully Automatic IVD Reagent Filling Machine Test Tube Filling Capping Machine
Production capacity:2000-3000BPH
Filling volume:5-10ml
Capping head:1
Filling heads:2
Bottle size:0-20ml
Machine weight:500kg
Machine dimension:(L)2000mm x(W)1500mm x(H)1800mm

Product Description


This reagent tube filling machine is mainly used for automatic tube filling,screw capping and labeling of plastic tube reagents. This machine adopts automatic bottle sorting, flat positioning upper mandrel, positioning gland, reasonable design; working table is protected by stainless steel material, and the whole machine meets GMP requirements.

It is suitable for covid-19 reagent liquid filling, vial bottles filling , oral bottles filling,IVD reagent conical&Nalgene filling line.


Specially used for labeling of round bottles
Use screw bottle separation mechanism to ensure accurate bottle spacing
Use the horizontal direction to send bottles, the feeding is stable,
When the labeling of a batch of bottles is about to be completed, the machine can automatically slow down





2000-3000 bph


Filling heads


 2 heads


Filling volume


5-10 ml


Capping heads


Power supply


Single phase, 220V, 50Hz  


Power consumption


Machine size


Machine size


2000mm x 1500mm x 1800mm

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