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99 alcohol filling capping and labeling machine liquid bottling line

Name:99 alcohol filling capping and labeling machine liquid bottling line
Production capacity:450-65BPH@1000ml
Filling volume:0-1000ml
Filling nozzles:4
Capping head:1
Bottle size:100-1000ml
Air pressure:0.4-0.6Mpa
Dimension of filling machine:2000x1150x2100mm
Dimension of capping machine:2000x1300x1800mm
Weight of filling machine:450kg
Weight of capping machine:350kg

Product Description


This machine is a high-tech filling equipment with programmable control of microcomputer (PLC), photoelectric sensor, and pneumatic execution. This model is specially used for the filling of liquid, such as liquor, alcohol, disinfectant liquids.


2.1. Switching filling specifications within a few minutes, short filling cycle and high production capacity. No need to add spare parts when changing filling specifications

2.2. Users can choose the number of filling heads according to their own production capacity to determine the number of filling heads; the measurement of each filling head can be adjusted individually to achieve consistent filling measurement.

2.3. Each filling head is equipped with a bottle mouth setting to ensure accurate filling of the material.

2.4. Filling adopts fixed flow channel parameters and controls the filling time to realize different metering filling. The precise filling time of the pneumatic valve can be set to 0.01 second, which can control the measurement accuracy within ±1% error range

2.5. Touch screen with PLC, which can display production status, operating procedures, filling methods, etc.


1Production capacity and filling precision

        Bottle size                 Speed                Filling accuracy    

        100-1000ml       450-650BPH based on 1000ml            ±1%  

2Filling nozzles4

3Filling volume100ml-1000ml

4Air pressure0.40.6 MPa

5PowderSingle phase 220V, 50hz, 1.8KW

6Dimension of filling machine2000×1150×2100mmL×W×H

7Dimension of capping machine2000×1301800mmL×W×H

8Weight of filling machine450KG

9Weight of capping machine350KG

10Explosion-proof level: ExdeIIBT4Gb

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