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Mini-type automatic hot shrink packing machine

Name:Mini-type automatic hot shrink packing machine
Power Supply:220v 50/60HZ
The highest packaging:125 mm high
seal dimensions:560x440mm
The production capacity:15-30bags/min
Pressure:0.5 Mpa
overall dimensions:1550 x730x1360mm
The machine weighs:300 kg

Product Description









   Scope of application

  ● suitable for cans, glass bottles, beer, mineral water and so on large quantities of automatic shrink 

         packaging items, at the same time can also be used for wood, steel, ceramics, home appliances, 

         computers and so on all walks of life.

  ● designed for large heavy objects with PE film shrink packaging design, can design according to 

         customer requirements for the roller conveyor belt type, in work or stainless steel transmission 

         networks. Large contraction packing materials, also can in a short period of time to completely 

         contraction, after packing the neat appearance, compact and convenient pallet, ensure the 

         quality of the product and the need of long-distance transportation, suitable for all kinds of 

         shrinkable packaging materials such as PE, PVC, POF.

    Technical features:

  ● Double powerful wind motor, ensure enough circulation air volume

         Import power always switch, quality assurance

  ● Conveyor adopt imported frequency converter control, stepless speed regulation

  ● Front ends are equipped with thermal cutoff and prevent heat dissipating plate

  ● Original installation import insulation curtain, greatly reduce heat loss

  ● Equipped with ordinary and dense shaft type multiple choice, other packaging, product also 

         will not shift

  ● Equipped with base Angle bolts, can be used with different height of production line

  ● Stainless steel heater, warming faster, the service life for 5 to 10 years

  ● Worm gear and worm reducer, and high power motor to ensure smooth delivery, no shaking

  ● To move around freely, at the bottom of the trolley machine

  ● Specially designed air duct system, products are heated evenly

  ● Internal furnace chamber plate with adjustable wind hole, local air volume can be adjusted 

        according to the contract requirements to the super cooling fan, products rapidly cooling after 

        hot shrinkage pattern

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